Nabil, a new story wishing for a better future

Living in a small house in Bourj El Barajne camp, the 8 years old boy Nabil lives with his mother, father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Coming to the PWHO center was a bit hard for him, however it was an important matter especially that studying in the center will help him to acquire the

Living as a refugee for more than half of your life

Hassan is an 11 years old Syrian boy living in Lebanon since 2011. Hassan wanted to participate in the drawing competition and when we asked him why he decided to draw this picture he said that when he was little, he always heard from his community to be careful from Christians who don’t love Muslims

Aley Community Center – May 2019 updates

On the occasion of the international family day, Tabitha Relief and Development has organized an event to celebrate the rainbow of families at the safe park in Aley. 7 Lebanese and 9 Syrian families were hosted on Sunday 19th of May in an event that aimed to engage all family members and mainly fathers to spend

Batroun Community Center- May Updates

Tabitha Relief and Development through its community center in Batroun and in collaboration with a volunteer from the community has helped 13 children to participate in Fabriano drawing competition. Children guided by the volunteer and Tabitha staff have participated in 6 sessions in order to prepare and execute their ideas. Knowing that they were guided

The Story of Mariam

Mariam, a 17 years old girl from Aleppo with no brothers and sisters lives with her parents and grandparents. For Mariam, her house is her escape place, she likes living there with her lovely family. Due to the support received by Mary’s Meals healthy feeding program, Mariam is regularly attending the school classes and her

Alley Community Center – April 2019

Child friendly space has shown to be the most reliable solution for women with children who seek to be part of the community centers activities offered by Tabitha Relief and Development. As such, through its safe space and child friendly space, Tabitha is offering life skills sessions for women empowerment related to pastries, handcraft and

Feeding Program March Updates

During the month of March 2019, Tabitha Relief & Development has provided 913 Lebanese and Syrian student attending the first and second shifts at Antelias Public School while providing 280 children in Aley and 379 children in Burj El Barajneh with healthy snacks.   Additionally, Dorcas Relief and Development – Syria is now providing healthy

Batroun Community Center March Updates

Tabitha Relief and Development, through its community center in Batroun has started the implementation of 12 Community based psychosocial support sessions to 40 vulnerable Syrian refugees’ children living in Batroun. In addition to that, 165  women from the Syrian and Lebanese communities living in Batroun, Kfifane, Ebrine and Eddeh have participated in women’s day and

Aley Community Center March Updates

During the month of March 2019, Tabitha Relief & Development conducted on the occasion of the International Women Day and in partnership with the National Wellness Network at MUBS University an event on the psychological effect of menopause on women. The event included 3 interactive interventions by a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst and a gynecologist. After the event, the

Syria Joint Response 5

For the fifth consecutive year, Tabitha Relief and Development and through Dorcas Relief and Development Syria have launched the Syria Joint Response 5. With funding coming from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and through a Dutch consortium answering the Syria Crisis, Dorcas Syria office will be providing protection services