Aley Community Center – May 2019 updates

On the occasion of the international family day, Tabitha Relief and Development has organized an event to celebrate the rainbow of families at the safe park in Aley. 7 Lebanese and 9 Syrian families were hosted on Sunday 19th of May in an event that aimed to engage all family members and mainly fathers to spend quality time with their children through different kind of activities and to build intimacy between them.

Throughout this event we created a friendly environment allowing them to communicate with each other’s in a peaceful and inhabitable way. Children were impressed by the active participation of their parents, they joint efforts to enjoy, play together and expressed clearly their gratefulness for this activity.

Further to that, during the month of May 2019, Tabitha Relief and Development distributed clothes vouchers for 50 vulnerable Lebanese and Syrian children living in Aley aged between 5 to 16 years in order to buy new clothes and meet one of their basic needs.

Children were identified by the social worker at the community center through the social counseling and the case management processes.

Moreover, Tabitha is providing 16 Lebanese and Syrian women attending the community center with a training on soap and candle making This training is an opportunity to build connection with other peers, explore their creativity and develop their talents.

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