Tabitha for Relief and Development

Tabitha is a local Lebanese civil society actor, registered with the Ministry of Interior in Beirut since 2016. Tabitha is implementing a community-based protection program as well as projects with gender or child-focus in Beirut, Mt. Lebanon, and in Batroun, North governorates. Tabitha is an active part of the local NGO coordination mechanism and coordinates within the UN-led coordination mechanism at governorate and national levels.

Tabitha was established to support refugees and Lebanese host communities to deal with a large number of Syrian refugees. The high number of refugees in Lebanon continues to put pressure on the whole country and its citizens.  Vulnerable host communities, marginalized families, and individuals with special needs feel this pressure immediately. Besides that, many refugees are affected by trauma and chronic stress and have resorted to negative coping mechanisms in order to make a living under such challenging circumstances.





.01 Promoting sexual and reproductive health of Syrian and Lebanese

Tabitha for relief and development has implemented an awareness program on sexual and reproductive health for Syrian and Lebanese women as athrough its community center in Aley.

.02 School Feeding Programs

The childhood is the most critical time in the physical and mental development of any human being and food is a basic need and for this reason also a basic right. Malnutrition remains a critical issue among Syrian refugee children. With this project Tabitha ensures that Syrian and Lebanese children receive a healthy nutrition food supplement during their time at school, which vulnerable families are increasingly unable to provide.

.03 Child Protection Projects

Tabitha doesn’t only carry out child protection activities in the community centers but does also strengthen the capacity of staff working in social development centers (SDC) run by the ministry of social affairs.

.04 Dorcas Aid International

Dorcas the mother organization has devoted itself to combating poverty for more than 35 years. As a mother organization of Tabitha Dorcas is committed to support the locally registered entity through trainings, making available technical expertise. Both entities are strongly linked and work together for several years. Dorcas uses a respectful and durable approach with locally registered affiliated organizations and partners in general. Dorcas has projects in 18 countries and offices in the following countries:
Africa: South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Lesotho and Egypt.
Europe: Russia, Albania, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.
Middle East: Syria, Iraq and Lebanon
Dorcas headquarters are located in the Netherlands.