Batroun Community Center March Updates

Tabitha Relief and Development, through its community center in Batroun has started the implementation of 12 Community based psychosocial support sessions to 40 vulnerable Syrian refugees’ children living in Batroun.

In addition to that, 165  women from the Syrian and Lebanese communities living in Batroun, Kfifane, Ebrine and Eddeh have participated in women’s day and mother’s day celebrations. The celebration event aimed to raise awareness on the role of Women and the importance of high self-esteem and continuous self-care. The women were divided in small groups to let them participate actively in the sessions while their children were participating in a hand craft activity.

In some of the groups, we had mixed group of Lebanese and Syrian women. This diversity helped to raise the discussion of different roles that women can play especially in the positive education of their children.

Amina a Syrian mother, living in Batroun since 2012 with her husband and four children, participated in the Mother’s day celebration event. Amina was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and since then she never left her house or communicated with others. When approached by the outreach volunteer, she accepted to come but was a bit worried and not motivated. After the end of the session and during the evaluation part she expressed that she was so happy that she could participate in this special day. She said: “I found in Tabitha center the safe place I was always searching for.”

Furthermore, in the occasion of the Child international day, 120 children from Batroun city participated in a celebration event in the community center of Tabitha Relief and Development. The event included games, balloons, dance, scientific experiments and songs. Each child received a gift and they were very happy. Mothers asked for continuous activities and events.

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