Batroun Community Center- May Updates

Tabitha Relief and Development through its community center in Batroun and in collaboration with a volunteer from the community has helped 13 children to participate in Fabriano drawing competition.

Children guided by the volunteer and Tabitha staff have participated in 6 sessions in order to prepare and execute their ideas.

Knowing that they were guided by the topics required to participate in the competition, children had different ideas and each one of them reflected his own point of view regarding war, tolerance and future technology. They have shown creativity and long-term vision.

Moreover, Tabitha Relief and Development and the Danish Refugee Council will be implementing a Community Engagement Initiative in the community center of Batroun. 3 focus group discussions were conducted with women and children living in Batroun, in order to assess their needs. Based on these identified needs, Tabitha and DRC will start in June, English, French, BLN and drawing classes. In the end of the classes, participants will participate in an exhibition where they will present what they have prepared during the intervention period.


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