The Story of Mariam

Mariam, a 17 years old girl from Aleppo with no brothers and sisters lives with her parents and grandparents. For Mariam, her house is her escape place, she likes living there with her lovely family. Due to the support received by Mary’s Meals healthy feeding program, Mariam is regularly attending the school classes and her favorite subjects are English, French, Chemistry and Biology. Mariam thinks that the feeding program is highly beneficial for all the children because most of them come without any food and are in need for a lot of energy to be able to attend the classes and concentrate on their courses. Going to school nowadays is a huge opportunity for Mariam especially after the destruction of the school facilities in Aleppo due to the Syrian Crisis.

Mariam wants to continue her studies in order to reach the university and get her degree, hoping that one day she will be able to work in a chemical laboratory to help in the production of new medicines to support sick people.

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