Tabitha Lebanon Press Release: Ukraine-Russia Crisis

In recent hours, Tabitha Lebanon has been closely monitoring the escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian implication of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


In the face of Russia’s continuous attacks on Ukraine, a 4,500-member Lebanese community in Ukraine pleads for assistance, reported by Al Jazeera. However, many Lebanese in Ukraine claim to have no contact with the Lebanese embassy, although Lebanon’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs promised to take urgent actions more than two weeks ago.


The ongoing Ukraine crisis might significantly impact Lebanon’s food security. 80% of Lebanon’s wheat imports come from Ukraine. Soaring global food prices and ongoing economic crises have already left many people in Lebanon in hunger and poverty. As bread is the only affordable thing on the shelves for the most disadvantaged residents in Lebanon, the potential consequences will be felt mainly by Lebanon’s most vulnerable communities.


We firmly stand with the UN Security Council and people in Ukraine to condemn any action against the international and humanitarian law action. We affirm that our staff at Dorcas Ukraine is on the ground to provide humanitarian assistance to all people in Ukraine, including Lebanese citizens. Dorcas CEO Leo Visser stated earlier, “Many people will experience the consequences of this terrible war. As Dorcas we will do everything possible to support them.”


We call on our international partners to do everything to avoid a catastrophic human suffering. Tabitha Lebanon has been holding hands with the local communities in the dark days in history, including the Beirut Blast. We strive for lasting change for those who live in poverty, are excluded, or are caught in crisis, and commit to people we support.

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