Photo Exhibition OCHA

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs in Lebanon (OCHA) celebrated the work of women humanitarians on 19 August by organizing a photo exhibition at Antwork Beirut. OCHA invited our organization to contribute to the exhibition by sending a quote along with a photo portrait of a woman humanitarian who works with us in order to amplify her voice and tell new audiences about her work. Afterwards, OCHA selected the best photos for the WHD photo exhibition. Noor, a Syrian refugee volunteer at our community center in Aley accepted to be featured in our submitted photo. Appreciatively, Tabitha’s photo was selected for the exhibition on 19-22 August 2019. All the women in the photos were invited to join the event so that people can meet them and learn about the challenges they faced and the opportunities they seized. This exhibition showcased the passion, drive and dynamism of female humanitarians all over Lebanon. It was a good and interesting way of presenting women humanitarians and also a good visibility for our NGO which is relatively new. A broad cross-section of national NGOs, International NGOs and the Red Cross as well UN agencies working in the country were involved in this photo exhibition. Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Mr. Philippe Lazzarini inaugurated the photo exhibition during a launch event to celebrate women humanitarians in Lebanon. The exhibition was preceded by a panel discussion, led by women humanitarians from ABAAD, MARCH and FOODBLESSED, related to the challenges and opportunities for women humanitarians in Lebanon.

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