Community Centers in Aley- and Batroun Districts

Tabitha has set up two community centers where vulnerable refugees and host community members can come together. Through these platforms Tabitha provides a safe, caring and supportive environment for the community around it, offers protection services, emergency assistance for overly vulnerable families and provides life skills development activities in order to strengthen participant’s economic skills.

Tabitha uses the social work methodology that encourages refugee and host community members to engage with each other. Social workers engage with each beneficiary that approaches the center and prioritize needs, activate positive coping mechanisms and plan their stay in Lebanon.  The methodology helps greatly in building trust.

Services of the Community Centers

Tabitha offers multiple services in each community center depending on the local needs of communities living around it and funding availability these may differ slightly throughout the years. The services include: social counseling and case management, psycho-social support through individual therapy or group work, community mobilization and outreach activities, referral for persons with specific needs to relevant service providers, Life skills development activities, like extracurricular activities, literacy courses, women economic empowerment, legal counseling and legal assistance through referral to other partner CSO, recreational activities – peace building / social cohesion activities such as the summer camp, awareness sessions on hygiene, protection issues, first aid, health

Target Group of the Community Centers

Families who have child protection cases (working children, abused children), families with members with disabilities, families or persons who have been directly threatened with violence as well as families who have a member suffering from serious medical conditions, members of female-headed households, pregnant women and young children, or women / girls at-risk of SGBV or SGBV survivors are very welcome in the centers and will be supported through highly qualified social workers.